Wednesday, February 22, 2012

3 weeks post - op

 3 weeks since surgery.  Jack is still doing amazing.  We are just playing the 'hurry up and wait' game.  Waiting for him to heal. Waiting for swelling to go down.  Waiting for his leg to become de-sensitized to anything touching it so he can eventually be brave enough to put weight on it.  He has been pretty protective of his leg but has made accommodations to get around by scooting on his butt...or crawling.  He attempts to stand, but keeps his right leg up.  

Just a side note.. we have quite the auray of wildlife in our backyard - as springtime seems to be coming early this year.  Here's an eagle that has been living in our tree...we also have herons, osprey and 2 otters!  Don't even need to leave the house to see all this stuff!

 Special thanks to our friend Allison Scaia  who sent us some inspiring messages from a co-worker who participated in the Paralympics .  The company she works for - The Hartford - is a sponsor of the  Paralympics. She sent us a personally signed copy of her competition picture - as you can see she is an amputee.  How cool is that?  Jack already has inspiration and motivation from other fellow amputees and he's not even 2 yet!

Friday, we saw our Surgeon for a post-op check up.  To our surprise, he took the ace-wrap off, and fit him with a compression stocking.  He told us to give him a bath and let him get used to us touching it.  I was relieved (that he could FINALLY have a bath - I challenge any of you to give a sponge bath to a almost 2 year old.. ;) it's a workout in-itself...)  Anyway, we gave him his 1st bath in 2 1/2 weeks and he seemed to be pretty sensitive to just about anything, but he enjoyed it and so did I!  The stages are in the works for fitting him with his prosthetic within the next month.  We are truly excited!

***I wanted to post some pictures of his leg... it may be graphic to some of you, so don't scroll down if you do not want to see...****


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  1. Oh my goodness his leg looks SO good! I'm so glad things are getting better and better! And I'm so jealous Jack has been able to take a bath already. haha! :)