Thursday, August 23, 2012

Leg update!

Jack received 2 legs over the past few months. Our prosthetist suggested that we have one available in case the other gets wet/lost/broken. Surprisingly all of those have happened! Not many kids jacks age can say they have a 'spare' leg just in case. HA! We are still currently working on how we can use the leg at the pool/beach. We received a neoprine sleeve that goes over the top of his leg to keep water out. It's a pain to put on, Jack does not like it, and it does not keep water out, so he sloshes around in it after a few minutes. Not sure what the next step is, but for now when Jack goes to the pool, he just has to take his leg off. This prevents him from running around on the side of the pool or being able to jump in like some of the other kids. I have felt a tad frustrated this summer with all of this, but I know there are other solutions we just have not found them yet. Anyway, He has been adjusting to his legs very well. It feels like every few weeks we go see the prosthetist for 'tweeks' to his leg (adjusting for height, growth, foot position, new liners etc) I know this will be an on-going process until he stops growing - so needless to say its just going to be part of our life. We are becoming very close with our prosthetist and all the staff - I know it will be hard if we ever move or He leaves because of how much He knows Jack. These people are truly amazing! We were able to meet a collage boy through our prosthetist that has bilateral below the knee prosthetics and missing part of his Left arm. He is amazing! Currently he is attending college here in Charleston and is trying out for the baseball team! For the brief meeting we had at the office (while he was getting his legs adjusted too..) I was enlightened by all his life experience. I know Jack (and myself) will benefit greatly by continuing to meet people like him who have chosen a positive outlook on their situation. Here are some recent pictures!
All of jack's legs, not including the one he is wearing currently...from 8 months to now...