Friday, September 30, 2011


Over the past weekend we took a trip to Boston, MA and Portland, ME.  It was a *much* needed trip together as a family - as our time we have together is very limited these days.  We also were able to see Dr. Upton at Shriners Hospital (finally!!) in Boston.  He is plastic/orthopedic surgeon specializing in upper extremity congenital deformities from children all over the world.   His vast experience gave us great perspective on Jack's right arm/hand.  We discussed since we have not come to a decision regarding his foot (amputation vs lengthening), if we did choose amputation could we use part of his toes/foot to make a better functional hand (ie toe-to-hand transplant)?  He discussed at length his experience with this, Jacks fused elbow and muscle, nerve and vascular involvement. He studied Jack as he played and used his right arm. He was rather impressed at his function and use already.    At the end of the day, his conclusion was to leave Jack's arm the way is was, possibly separating his 2 fused fingers.  I can say, I was a little relieved.  I had gone into the appointment expecting endless possibilities of correcting his arm with endless surgery...but I was a little glad it was more black and white.  (At least something is at this stage of the game!) No surgery, no toe-to-hand transplant, no lengthening of arm, no creating an 'elbow'....essentially his message was 'if its not broke, don't fix it' (well he didn't really say that...i did).  It meant a lot coming from a surgeon, for one specializes in surgery and loves doing it, and two how he truly took jack's overall quality of life and arm into perspective to give us his honest answer.

Boston and Maine were beautiful.  Boston made me miss the big city feel!  I really enjoyed all the food and being able to walk everywhere in the city.  Jack loved all the sights and sounds.  It kept him so busy that he didn't have time to be whiny ( well most of the time ;).

We appreciate continued thoughts and prayers for our decision regarding his leg. He is doing well with his custom-made brace, trying to walk with assistance.  I am so very proud of him!

Here are some pictures from our trip!
mommy's sunglasses!

Marry-go-round is a little scary...Jack didnt want to ride on the horses

Random cruise ship in the background....

Yummy Lobster Roll in Maine!