Thursday, August 25, 2011

Jack Happenings...

Sorry, it has been a while since I posted anything!  We have been busy and so has jack!
He is 17 months already.  Things he is doing...

  • saying small words:  lawnmower, he says 'monmor' (wich he is obsessed with..everywhere we go he thinks there is a lawnmower...even when he wakes up first thing in the morning and after naps.)  mama, dada, banana. apple, cookie, Nite-nite, bye-bye, help, more, NO....
  • knows sign language for "more" and " milk" 
  • Walking with assistance
  • using fork and spoon to eat 
  • Inventing new games to play "Boo" and "whee!" - silly games we play at night, before bed but he remembers and want to play them every day!
  • Physical therapy 1x/week
  • Occupational therapy 1x/ month
We are currently awaiting approval to get a 3rd opinion on his upper extremity from a physician in Boston, MA.  It has been a journey finding him - but we are hopeful for some sound advice. We don't know if we will be going through Shriner's system or paying out of pocket to see him in his private practice.  Prayers for quick resolution to getting in to see him.    

Working at the computer..


Love my blankie- i call 'nah-ni' -  and my thumb!

Love reading books!

Standing with my old brace on...

My 1st pair of shoes and my new brace!  Hooray!
Hiding in my cool cardboard box house daddy made for me!  Hooray for the engineer...!