Friday, September 10, 2010

A bittersweet day

Tuesday, We went to see Dr. Hooker at MUSC.  She said Jack's progress was doing well, and he only had to wear his braces for night/naptime!  Yea!  Finally a little more freedom to move without restrictions!  Jack seems to be adjusting just fine, although I think it is more exciting for me than for him!   We discussed with Dr. Hooker our plan to seek an opinion from some orthopedic surgeons in St. Louis close to Christmas time.  That way we could try to visit family who has never seen jack and also get some additional opinions regarding his arm/leg. 

DR. Hooker told us that she was planning on leaving MUSC in November and we would be under another doctor's care.  Normally, I would not become emotional about such things - however I was consumed with emotion as I started to cry (in front of her, the medical student and James). A flood of emotions came back to me remembering that She was there the first few days after Jack was born to tell us about his Right leg and the prospects for amputation.  THAT day was one of the most difficult days for James and I - having to swallow a giant reality for Jack that we were hoping may not have to be true.  Dr. Hooker spoke with us with such pose and compassion, and a sensitivity that we needed.  She held our hands- so to speak -  through the very earliest days. Almost 6 months later, we all have come a long way in our journey together:  from a new cast on his leg every week for 8 weeks, to his surgery on his heel,  to the braces.  She has kept our eyes open to the Possibilities for Jack, and has always focused on his strengths.  THIS is what needed to get to where we are.  It was a bittersweet day.