Friday, April 29, 2011

13 Months!

Well, it seems like once a month I am updating the blog - perhaps I will get better at doing it a little more frequently!

Some Jack Happenings:

We are still working on lots of physical therapy.  Jack has mastered the 'army crawl' and is getting around much more.  Its amazing how he will move so fast without getting up on all 4's. He essentially pulls himself with his arms and bending one leg.   I am just thrilled that he is moving.  Our next task is getting him to stand and start pulling up to stand.  He has initiated this only a few times on his own.  The other problem is he will need to wear a shoe lift or brace on his Right leg, otherwise he ends up putting all his weight on his left leg.  We are having a difficult time finding something that fits him, and/or how to manage his small foot.  Both his feet are small and different sizes, making buying shoes pretty difficult. His Left foot is a size 2 and Right foot is a size 0.  We are working with the local orthotics/brace company in Charleston to help Jack.  Jack has never had a 'real' pair of shoes - yet!   He is still wearing his shoes/bar at night to correct his Left club-foot and will continue to do so untill 2 or 3 years old.   I will say, that Jack does very well at night letting us put his shoes on before bed.  I will be SO happy, though, when he does not have to wear them - bedtime routine will be SO much easier!

I find myself thinking of Jack and his life daily.  It tends to consume my thoughts some days - making me so overwhelmed.  Part of me deep down wishes that he didn't have to endure learning to do things 'different' -(even though they won't be different to him) or watching other kids ask about his hand.  I know we have many hurdles to overcome - just like so many people.  What I am learning from Jack is your perspective and attitude about life gives you stamina and hope.

Tuesday, I went to Stono market to pick up my weekly share of fruits/veggies.  I usually go in the morning, but was not feeling well and decided to go after Jack woke up from his nap.  It's a small store, and usually not many people are there when we go.  Jack was particularly fussy this time, so instead of being in the stroller I had to hold him while I picked out my veggies and put them in the bag (not an easy task - even with 2 hands...gee I wonder how Jack will do such things...?) Anyway, as I was busy a lady in her 60's came up next to me and began to make conversation about the produce.  It took me a few min before I realized that she only had one arm, the other arm stopped at her elbow.  I stopped what I was doing, and asked her about her arm.  She said she was born with it.  I pulled jack's arm from behind my shoulder and she then saw his arm too.  We talked, and I gained so much insight.  She is retired, has children and grandchildren and moved to Charleston to be with them.  She was also a nurse in an adult ICU for 35 years!  Can you believe that! She told me how she learned to start IV's with one hand, move patients in bed (which she does not recommend, now because of problems with her good arm), play sports etc.  Not only did she give me a "slap-in-the-face-stop-feeling-sorry-for-Jack" she also make me stop feeling sorry for myself.   O how the Lord knew I needed that just then!  What perfect timing he has!!

Here are some updated pictures from this month!

LOVE riding in my wagon!

Trying to feed myself!

Daddy took me to the air-show here in Charleston - BOY was it cool and LOUD!!!

Playing with Daddy!

Trying to eat corn on the cob!

Crawling under the table to get my choo-choo!

I LOVE my turtle!