Friday, June 8, 2012

Oscar - An inspiring journey

Check out this video about Oscar Pistorias - I know i have shared many videos about him, but he truly is an inspiration.  I have a different perspective on those with a 'disability' after having Jack.  Does having prosthetic legs give Oscar an advantage above others?  No.  He knows no different - like the millions of others born with congenital differences that learned to walk with their legs - Like the nuroscientist in the broadcast says.. his legs are not bionic - they are just carbon and are only as good as the user.  It does spark a lot of debate - After you watch this - think about what you would do?  How do you view disability?  How does Oscar challenge you to think differently about others and the 'disabled' world - a world we live in that now has so many labels...

Oscar Pistorias - Interview on CNBC

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